Our Company

Who we are

BIP TRANSPORTES SAS, is a private nature company, authorized by the Ministry of Transport, to lend nationwide, Public special automotive land transport and Freight transport, certified under the following standards: CCS ISO 45001 – CCS ISO 14001 – CCS ISO 9001..

In 2017 the magazine “Dinero” recognized us within the 5000 largest companies in the country, placing us in the 65th place in the land transport sector that brings together nearly 6000 companies nationwide.

Our team

We provide nationwide service through our main offices located in Bogotá and Barranquilla, with a team of people willing to always learn with institutional values and with an extensive experience in special passenger transport , cargo, logistics, personnel management and customer services. With the aim to guarantee an optimal and safe service, so that our clients and users have a special experience that allows us to build an excellent commercial relationship and that they always want to count on us as their best allies to take them where they want to go.

Our mission

Provide the special and cargo public land transport service, with the best service and safety conditions to the greatest number of people and greatest number of private and official management companies at a national level.

Our vision

Always thankful for the growth and permanence of the company during its first 21 years, for the 2030 we will be providing special and cargo transport with greater national coverage, offering more employment, being a bridge for all our intern and extern clients to get where they want to go in the company of their loved ones.

Quality politics

Always seek to have high standard of quality in administration, technology, service and each of the aspects of the organization.

QUALITY, as a value, as a corporate way of life… as an institutional priority.

Decalogue of BIP Principles and Values

  1. Our principal driver: “God. We recognize that its him who guides our way.
  2. Our institutional value: People. Each day we start our activities with the conviction that we are a team that cares about the well-being and growth of both, the organization and its members.
  3. Our living value: Respect and discipline. We accept that the difference constructs the wealth and that being constant and persisting in the work will allow us to reap a better harvest.
  4. Our organizational value: Service attitude and commitment. Doing the things right since the first time makes us enjoy our duty and, for sure, will leave our clients and users satisfied.
  5. Our social value: Solidarity, empathy, culture and citizenship. We comply with and abide the rules, as a social principle of organization and respect for the authority, understanding that it will always be better giving than receiving.
  1. Our moral value: Transparence and integrity. We proclaim the values, we make them verb in all our actions.
  2. Our intellectual value: Learn. We are always open to learning, since we are not afraid of innovation and we make sure we do things in the most effective way.
  3. Our value in innovation: Dream. We create services that make the difference and that generate value.
  4. Our economical principle: Never put price above value. We recognize the service value and that is why we put our effort on it, so that our users want to hire us again.
  5. Our way of remaining: Fulfilling commitments.

In Bip the excellence and diligence in the assigned work will always be our institutional mark, our corporate way of life.

We can only achieve excellence if we every day we are willing to give our best in the accomplishment of our tasks, without waiting things to happen, but making them happen.