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“We are changing”

After 18 years in the market and after being positioned as one of the best companies of Colombia, we are convinced that changes are necessary, even more, when they have a purpose. That is why, we are changing our image to continue to offer the best service for our clients.


We recognize that the changes can renew and give new life to our ideas, rebrand oneself has been and will continue to be an important way to remain. In BIP (Business Innovation Passenger) we have decided to rethink our company without modifying our values, we have transformed our services without stopping to serve, we have stepped forward without forgetting what we have learnt, we have changed our image keeping our personal touch and we have implemented state of the art technology without losing our tradition.


We are sure that our effort of improving will give us the possibility to grow knowing that in BIP we are



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Airport Transfer

Transport service from and to the airport in vehicles with different capacity (From 1 to 10 passengers).

Prestige Service

This service was created thinking of our VIP clients. An exclusive service that allows you to work while you are on the move.

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Luego de 18 años en el mercado y de posicionarnos dentro de las mejores empresas del país, estamos convencidos que los cambios son necesarios cuando son con propósito, por eso nos transformamos con una nueva imagen para continuar ofreciendo el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes.


Reconocemos que cambiar renueva y da nueva vida a nuestras ideas, reinventar la compañía ha sido y será una manera de permanecer, por eso en BIP (Business • Innovation • Passenger) decidimos repensar la compañía sin modificar los principios, a transformar los servicios sin dejar de servir, a dar un paso adelante sin desconocer lo aprendido, a cambiar nuestra imagen manteniendo la mejor actitud, a implementar tecnología de punta sin perder los beneficios de la tradición.


Estamos seguros que cada esfuerzo en ser mejor, nos da la posibilidad de siempre crecer con la convicción que, en BIP...